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5 color Plastic Wristband variety pack
Plastic 5 Color Variety pack
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Plastic Variety Color pack

3/4" x 10" wristbands The 5 color plastic pack is available for those who don't want to purchase 5 full boxes to get a variety of colors. There are 100 each of 5 colors or your choice from our stock. Not numbered. The color choices are: Aqua, Blue, Light Blue, Black, Green, Red, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, Yellow, White, Neon Pink, Purple, Sunfire (Salmon), Silver. Once you buy this item and go to the checkout stage, you can type the colors you would like to have in the customer comments box. Please note: Custom printing is not available for variety packs. 1 Quantity = 500 Wristbands. The price figures out to .17 per wristband. We can provide different quantities per color in increments of 50. Such as 200 Red, 100 Blue, 50 Orange, 150 Pink etc. Please call 253 841 4057 to place your order, or enter your quantities per color in the comment box.