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Color Tile Tyvek (500 per box)
Color Tile Tyvek Wristbands
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Color tile
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Color Tile tyvek.

This interesting pattern is great low cost security for your event . The wristbands are 3/4" x 10". Each band has security slits backed by an aggressive adhesive closure that makes removal and transfer to another person extremely difficult and easy to detect. The end of the wristbands shred due to the fiber texture of the tyvek material. Water isn't a problem, as they hold up well, even in chlorinated water. Consecutive numbers are preprinted on the wristbands allowing you to know exactly how many attendees you have and making it a perfect way to reconcile your till at the end of the event. Good, inexpensive security for your event. 1 quantity = 500 wristbands For larger orders, please call 253 841 4057 for quantity discount offers.