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Crimping tool for Woven Aluminum Sheath
Crimping tool
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Crimping Tool for Aluminum Closure

The Woven wristbands with the aluminum security tube are one of the most secure wristbands on the market. By crimping the sheath with a crimping tool, it is virtually impossible to remove the sheath without totally destroying the wristband. It does get a bit difficult after a while to crimp the sheath with traditional vice grips. We developed this crimping tool to relieve some of the tiresome muscle work of crimping the aluminum. This tool will ship with your wristband order if you choose to purchase it. Please consider ordering the plastic one way slide. They are easy and fast at the gate and very secure as well. Your security entry staff will thank you. One Quantity = 1 Crimping tool.
Woven Plastic One Way Security Slides
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