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Barcode tyvek wrist bands

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Custom Barcode Tyvek Wristbands

Recyclable Wristbands with Barcode. It is best to call and talk about this one. ( 253 841 4057) There are too many options to consider to process your order online. Please call 253 841 4057. Barcode setup is $175.00 plus the cost of the wristbands and shipping. This includes a one color print if needed.  Production time is 12 business days. When you need more options for managing your event, custom barcode wristbands may be your best solution. You can distinguish customers by a barcode that recongizes their identity, their clearance, and more if your program needs it. The wristbands are the ideal solution for high security events. Because these wristbands provide a unique solution for your event. They have the tamper proof slits, backed by an aggressive adhesive. The adhesive holds tight to the Tyvek material and the tamper proof slits cause the Tyvek to shred if someone tried to peel back the end. You can also custom print these wristbands with along with the wristband color bar, logos or different colored text. Additional setup fees may apply. The wristbands are sold in quantities of 500. For larger orders, we do offer quantity discounts.

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