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Drinking Age Tyvek Multi Color
Drinking Age Tyvek Multi Color
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The multi-Color Drinking Age Verified tyvek wristbands add another great option for you to identify people who have been pre-checked for their ID. Bartenders are very busy and the wristbands allow them to serve without having to recheck ID with every drink they serve. By using unique wristbands, the likelihood of someone having the multi-colored wristbands is very slim. These tyvek wristbands are pre-numbered and have the tamper proof slits with the aggressive adhesive that secures the wristband in place. The adhesive is very strong and this allows the tamper proof slits to shred if someone tries to remove or transfer the wristband to another person. Some of our customers use them as a way to decide if someone has had too much to drink and cut them off the wrist so the bartender knows they are not to be served again. Even with the extra images and colors, the price is still only $22.00 per 500, making them an inexpensive option for security.
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