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Happy Face  Multi-Color (New Recyclable Material)
Multi-Color Happy Face pattern tyvek
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Multicolored Happy Face Tyvek, Pre-numbered,
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Happy Face Multi-Color Wristbands

Happy Face multicolored  tyvek style wristbands are a colorful and fun pattern and environmentally friendly with the new material.  Colorful graphics, in high quality process printing, provides a pattern that is easy to see and fun for kids to wear. We get a lot of requests for this pattern from the sunny beach resorts because of the positive vibes and smiling faces.  Each wristband has an aggressive adhesive that is applied to the back of the wristband behind tamper proof slits in the Tyvek material. This creates a secure attachment that can not be peeled back without shredding the end of the band making transfer or removal very difficult. They usually have to be cut to be removed. Each box of 500 is pre-numbered with sequential numbering for excellent inventory control. Since it is a simple circle around the wrist, the bands will fit an adult, or a small child. To apply the wristbands, simply remove the covering from the adhesive, wrap the wristband around the wrist, and adhere it onto itself. If someone attempts to peel it back to transfer it to another person, the adhesive holds and the tamper proof slits shred the tyvek material apart, making reuse almost impossible. The tyvek wristbands are at home in the water and are used for short term one day applications. However, if not abused, they can last much longer. 1 Quantity = 500 Wristbands. 

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