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ONE STUB Wristbands
One Stub Tear off tyvek
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One Stub Wristbands

Tyvek One Stub wristbands are a great choice to use for door prize drawings. For environmentalist, the new material is a real plus since the colors are vivid and easy to see. The tear off stub can go in a bin, the wristband stays on the wrist to serve a double function. It lets the people running the event know the person is a verified participant, and the person wearing the band can't lose his drawing ticket number. These also work great with parent and child matching for churches, YMCA and other functions where children need to be protected. The guardian keeps the stub that has the corresponding color and number for the wristband being worn by the child. Only that person has the right to remove the child from the premises. They are also great to check the accuracy of the head count into your venue to be sure the till balances.  1 Quantity = 500 wristbands
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