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Plastic Hologram  (500 per box)
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Plastic Wristbands with beautiful hologram pattern

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Plastic hologram wristbands

Hologram wrist bands are a great solution for managing your event or special promotion. The beautiful holographic design allows you to use them to identify which guests have already gained admission so you can re-admit them easily without having to check their ticket or receipt every time. These plastic hologram wrist bands are bright and colorful, making them easy to spot. Colors include gold, light blue, neon lime, neon orange, purple, red, silver, black, dark blue and pink. Select different colors to identify guests sitting in different sections or with different permissions for the event. You can even use them to identify members of your event staff. The hologram design catches the light for a fun look, as well. The bands are notched, making them adjustable to fit any size wrist. These can be custom printed. Please call us for information and pricing. 253 841 4057
One box = 500 units. 
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