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Slim Plastic Wristbands
Comfort Plastic Wristbands
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Plastic Wristbands 1/2 X 11 3/4", Bright colors, Plastic Security snap closure

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Slim Plastic Wristbands-Tear of stub

Slim plastic wrist bands are a bit different than the regular plastic wristbands. The length is longer at 11 1/2 inches and the width is a narrow 1/2". They help you to manage your promotional event or performance without having to worry about bulky bands that may irritate customers or be hard to manage. The slim bands provide a pop of color that is easy to spot while also being comfortable on the arm of the wearer. Color choices include red, blue, light blue, neon lime, neon orange, neon pink, purple and yellow glow. You can also request numbering on the bands for further identification both on the body of the wristbands as well as on the stub. Custom numbering is an extra charge. The notched band makes it suitable for extra large size wrist, and will also fit a child.  You can order one band that will fit all your customers, large and small. The plastic construction ensures a comfortable fit and the plastic security snap provides the safety of making sure they aren't transferred to someone else. 1 Quantity = 500 wristbands.