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Soft Vinyl Wristbands 1 Quantity = 500 Comfortable wristbands.
Comfort Vinyl Wristbands
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Soft, comfortable, Lots of colors. Secure one time use snaps

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Soft Vinyl Wristbands

Soft Vinyl wristbands are functional, secure and comfortable and are what people have been asking for. We feel we have found the answer with the soft Vinyl wristbands. They don't have sharp edges that scratch the skin. You can barely tell you are wearing a wristband. They come in the same colors as the regular plastic wristbands. People love these wristbands for their comfort as well as the color choices available. The Plastic male/female snap security feature prevents the wristbands from being removed and transferred to another person. The wristbands are waterproof and can be used in swimming pools and any other venue where wristbands are required. Custom printing available upon request,. Please call 253 841 4057 for a quote. Thank you   1 Quantity in the checkout equals 500 wristbands.