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Tyvek  Wristbands, 5 color Varity pack
Tyvek Variety Pack
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Tyvek Variety Pack

5 color combination packs are offered for one time gatherings where the need to separate small groups by color is required. The 5 color tyvek combination pack has 100 each of 5 colors. This saves waste and money. You don't have to purchase 5 full boxes to get several color combinations that you need. The colors to choose from Are Aqua, Black, Blue, Green, Neon Orange, Light-Blue, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, (neon) Yellow Glow, Neon Pink and Neon Lime. You can enter your color choices when you check out. There is a window for you to type in your choices. These can be purchased in either the 3/4" or 1" width. 1 Quantity = 500 wristbands Please note: Custom printing is not available for varity packs. We can add more colors in increments of 100 for .06 per band. Please call 253 841 4057 to place a special order. Thank you