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VIP Crown tyvek Multi-Color image
VIP Crown tyvek wristbands
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VIP Crown
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VIP Crown Tyvek Wristbands

Make your guests feel extra special by using VIP Crown tyvek. 1" x 10" for the special people in your event. High Quality Process Printing make this beautiful wristband stand out for those people who rank in the VIP Category. The high quality tyvek wristbands are sequentially numbered and have Tamper Proof Slits to prevent transfer to other people, and secure your VIP section. This is a truly unique pattern that will give your VIP patrons the feeling that you care about their security and position. 1 Quantity = 500 wristbands For larger quantities , please call 253 841 4057 for a quantity discount. Thank you for shopping Discount Wristbands/Wristband World LLC Check us out on the BBB website. AAA+ rating :)