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Vinyl 5 stub Vinyl Blank wristbands
Vinyl 5 Stub wristbands
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Vinyl 5 stub wristbands (unprinted)

These wristbands are offered Stock as blank. The stubs and body of the wristbands may be custom printed upon purchase of the printing. The main body of the ticket can be numbered in one position, but the stubs can not be sequentially numbered. Static numbers or small graphics may be printed on the stubs and the main body of the wristbands for a print fee of $85.00. ( please see custom print your 5 stub vinyl) These are perfect for events where one price allows the person wearing the wristbands to have dinner, several drinks, and a desert, or what ever multiple offerings you would like to have printed on the stubs. They are offered boxes of 500 wristbands per color. 1 Quantity = 500 Wristbands
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