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Woven Barcode Wristbands
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Barcode Woven wristbands

Please call 253 841 4057 to place your order. We prefer working directly with our customers on this style of wristbands to ensure we have everything we need to make your experience as smooth as possible. We have had great success with the addition of the Woven Wristbands. The most popular security closure is the one way plastic security slide. Inside the sleeve, the strong, sharp teeth are angled to allow the sleeves to slide easily in one direction to secure them on the wrist. The angle of the teeth will not allow the sleeve to be removed without snagging the cloth material and holding it in position to prevent removal of the wristbands or transfer to another person. The addition of the Barcode to the cloth wristbands is an enhancement of the security aspect of the wristbands and allows faster pass through at your entry. Barcodes can be both 128 and barcode 39 and can be done sequentially for greater security of your event. We can use your artwork to create just the right feeling to suit your taste. We can do several colors and can even do sublimation printing for intricate detailed designs. If the art is very detailed, we do ask that you allow us to bid on your order rather than placing your order online. The online orders provide up to 3 colors at the prices shown with more simple artwork. Minimum order is 200 wristbands. Artwork in PDF or AI to be sent to [email protected] If it is text only, just include the phrase and font and color you would like to have in your order. Production time depends on the quantity ordered. Minimum order takes about 2 weeks. We look forward to working with you. Sincerely,Wristband World LLC